In-Home / On-Site Service

In Home Repairs / On-Site Services:

Working at home

There is a lot we can do in your home or office too:

  • Diagnose Issues
  • Assist with learning your new computer
  • Ensure your internet service is working for you
  • Setup online email accounts or email programs
  • Setup wireless networking
  • Diagnose / repair network routers & switches
  • Provide backup solutions
  • Setup Amazon Alexa & Google Home
  • Setup Roku & online entertainment streaming
  • Assist with password recovery or password setups
  • Much, much more…

A common issue we see is related to wireless printers

* Quite often, when you replace a router or modem from your Internet Service Provider, you can no longer print – Vanisle IT Services can solve this problem!

* Need to setup a new wireless printer in your home or office? Vanisle IT Services can do this for you.

* Not sure what to purchase? With our many years of experience, we know what works best and what doesn’t – Give us a call!

Printer edge for WIFI printer
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