Our Depot Service include but, are not limited to:

   Full System Diagnostics
   Hardware & Software Troubleshooting / Repairs
   Hardware Upgrades
   Backup Planning & Implementation
   System Restoration (full backups performed first)
   Software Upgrades & Installation
   New System Builds & Configuration
   Remote Help Desk Support
   Personal Backup Solutions
   Data Recovery
   Virus & Malware Removal
We are here to help you


Computer Tools

The advantages of our Depot Service:

    Reduced repair costs
    No technician travelling costs
    You don't pay wait time as with on site service
    Don't wait for us. Go on with your day
    Dedicated diagnostic systems to assist with your system issues
    Dedicated equipment to tackle malware & virus issues
    Dedicated equipment for data recovery
    Dedicated equipment for disk cloning
    Dedicated equipment for hardware analysis
    No extra fees