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   When notebooks are not sold soon enough in the box stores, they are sent back to the factory for stock rotation. Sometimes, the notebook may have come with a defective RAM memory or Hard drive, etc... These are sent back to the manufacturer, repaired or repackaged and sold as a recertified - at greatly reduced prices. All these notebooks come with a FULL 1 Year factory warranty and are also eligible for the manufacturer's extended warranty (3 years total).


Extra 2 year warranty (3 years total) is only $99.95!



We provide the following FREE OF CHARGE with purchase (a $150 value)


   Create Restore Disks (Backup Disks)    Personalization Performed
   Email Setup Completed    Anti-Virus Software Installed
   Anti-Malware Software Installed    Operating System Updates Installed
   Word Processing Software Installed    System Optimization Completed
   Internet Optimization Performed    System Fully Bench Tested
   All Windows Themes Installed  


These notebooks sell very fast ! A new list is published every 7 - 10 days



Feb. 15, 2018  
RNB-ACR-NT.LCSAA.003 ACER RECERT 10.1" SWITCH SW1-011-170R INT X5-Z8300 1.44GHZ QC 4G 32G W10 $276.75
RNB-ACR-NT.LCSAA.004 ACER RECERT 10.1" SWITCH SW1-011-19FT  INT X5-Z8300 1.44GHz QC 4G 64G W10 $303.75
RNB-ACR-NX.G8SAA.002 ACER RECERT 13.3" IPS R7-372T-573H i5-6200U 2.3GHz 8GD3 128SSD HDMI USB W10 $889.65
RNB-ACR-NX.GR7AA.004 ACER RECERT 13.3" SPIN 5 TOUCH SP513-52N-530R i5-8250U 8GD4 256SSD W10 BLK $1,011.15
RNB-ACR-NX.GR7AA.006 ACER RECERT 13.3" SPIN 5 TOUCH SP513-52N-55LV i5-8250U 8GD4 256SSD W10 BLK $1,011.15
RNB-ACR-NX.GK6AA.001 ACER RECERT 13.3" SWIFT 7 IPS SF713-51-M90J i5-7Y54 1.2GHz 8GD3 256SSD W10 GOLD $1,159.65
RNB-ACR-NX.GK4AA.006 ACER RECERT 13.3" TOUCH SPIN5 IPS SP513-51-54K0 i5-7200U 2.5 8GD4 256G M.2  W10 $808.65
RNB-ACR-NX.G7WAA.003 ACER RECERT 14" CONV TOUCH R5-471T-534X i5-6200U 2.3GHz 8G 256GSSD BLIT WIN10 $862.65
RNB-ACR-NX.GKPAA.003 ACER RECERT 14" SPIN 7 TOUCH IPS SP714-51-M5H3 i7-7Y75 1.30GHz 8GD3 256SSD W10 $1,483.65
RNB-ACR-NX.GQGAA.001 ACER RECERT 14" SWIFT3 IPS SF314-52-52V8 i5-8250U 8GD4 256SSD BLIT W10  SILVER $916.65
RNB-ACR-NX.GNUAA.002 ACER RECERT 14" SWIFT3 IPS SF314-52-53AX i5-7200U 2.5GHz 8GD4 256SSD W10  SILVER $835.65
RNB-ACR-NX.GNVAA.005 ACER RECERT 15.6" A315-21-616E A6-9220 2.5GHz 6GD4 1TB HDMI USB W10 $498.15
RNB-ACR-NX.GNVAA.011 ACER RECERT 15.6" A315-21-656G A6-9220 2.5GHz 8GD4 1TB HDMI USB W10 $498.15
RNB-ACR-NX.GNVAA.003 ACER RECERT 15.6" A315-21-99E5 A9-9420 3GHz 8GD4 1TB HDMI USB W10 $552.15
RNB-ACR-NX.GQ4AA.001 ACER RECERT 15.6" A315-21G-93L5 A9-9420 3GHz 8GD4 1TB HD520 2G5 HDMI USB W10 $633.15
RNB-ACR-NX.GNTAA.005 ACER RECERT 15.6" A315-31-C2GA N3350 DC 1.1GHz 4GD3 500GB USB HDMI W10 $403.65
RNB-ACR-NX.GR5AA.001 ACER RECERT 15.6" A315-31-C5B8 INTEL N3350 DUALCORE 4GD3 1TB  W10 RED $444.15
RNB-ACR-NX.GPYAA.003 ACER RECERT 15.6" A515-41G-12AX  A12-9720P QC 2.7GHz 8GD4 1TB RX540 2GB HDMI W10 $727.65
RNB-ACR-NX.GTCAA.012 ACER RECERT 15.6" A515-51G-53MR i5-8250U 8GD4 256GSSD GF MX150 2G 1080P W10 $943.65
RNB-ACR-NX.GSYAA.003 ACER RECERT 15.6" ASPIRE 5 A515-51-531Z i5-8250U QC 1.6GHz 12GD4 1TB HD620 BTW10 $768.15
RNB-ACR-NX.GS1AA.004 ACER RECERT 15.6" ASPIRE 5 A515-51-59DP i5-7200U 2.5G 12GD4 1TB HDMI USBC W10 BK $700.65
RNB-ACR-NX.GTPAA.006 ACER RECERT 15.6" ASPIRE 5 A515-51-88NY i7-8550U 12G DDR4 256G SSD W10 $1,024.65
RNB-ACR-NX.GDPAA.001 ACER RECERT 15.6" E5-523-6366 A6-9210 2.9GHz 4G DDR3 1TB HDMI W10 RED $457.65
RNB-ACR-NX.GDNAA.004 ACER RECERT 15.6" E5-523-979H A9-9410 2.9GHz 8G DDR4 1TB HDMI W10 $538.65
RNB-ACR-NX.GDLAA.001 ACER RECERT 15.6" E5-523G-94NQ A9-9410 2.90GHz 8GD4 1TB RADEON R5 M430 2GB  W10 $592.65
RNB-ACR-NX.GE6AA.015 ACER RECERT 15.6" E5-575-5476 i5-7200U 2.5GHz 8G DDR4 1TB W10 $660.15
RNB-ACR-NX.GHHAA.005 ACER RECERT 15.6" E5-575G-589K i5-7200U 2.5GHz 8GD4 1TB GF950M 2G BKLIT W10 $916.65
RNB-ACR-NX.GD7AA.005 ACER RECERT 15.6" F5-573-725L I7-7500U 2.7GHz 12G DDR4 1TB 1920X1080 WIN10 $889.65
RNB-ACR-NH.Q2BAA.003 ACER RECERT 15.6" G3-572-72YF i7-7700HQ 2.8GHz 16GD4 1TB+256GSSD GTX1060 6G W10 $1,899.15
RNB-ACR-NH.Q1ZAA.001 ACER RECERT 15.6" G9-593-71EH i7-7700HQ 2.8GHz 16GD4 1TB 256SSD GTX1070 8G W10 $2,463.65
RNB-ACR-NH.Q2RAA.013 ACER RECERT 15.6" NITRO 5 AN515-51-51T i5-7300 12G 128GSSD+1TB GTX1050 4G WIN 10 $1,159.65
RNB-ACR-NH.Q2RAA.003 ACER RECERT 15.6" NITRO 5 AN515-51-522 i5-7300 2.5GHz 8GD4 1TB GTX1050 4G WIN 10 $1,051.65
RNB-ACR-NX.GK9AA.018 ACER RECERT 15.6" SPIN 3 SP315-51-598W i5-7200U 2.5GHz 8GD4 1TB HDMI W10 $835.65
RNB-ACR-NX.GF4AA.003 ACER RECERT 15.6" TOUCH E5-575T-58WH i5-7200U 2.5GHz 8GD4 1TB W10, VGA,USB3.1 $673.65
RNB-ACR-NX.GDBAA.009 ACER RECERT 15.6" TOUCH F5-573T-53X7 i5-7200U 2.5G 8GD4 1TB HDMI BLIT W10  SIL $700.65
RNB-ACR-NX.GDBAA.008 ACER RECERT 15.6" TOUCH F5-573T-545K i5-7200U 2.5GHz 12GD4 1TB W10 (SILVER) $727.65
RNB-ACR-NX.GSXAA.002 ACER RECERT 17.3" A517-51G-52LB i5-8250U QC 8GD4 1TB DVD nVIDIA GF MX150 2G W10 $916.65
RNB-ACR-NX.GSXAA.004 ACER RECERT 17.3" A517-51G-55G9 i5-8250U QC 12GD4 1TB DVD nVIDIA GF MX150 2G W10 $943.65
RNB-ACR-NX.GPGAA.002 ACER RECERT 17.3" A717-71G-538W i5-7300HQ 2.5GHz 8GD3 1TB  GTX1050Ti 4GB W10 $1,281.15
RNB-ACR-NX.GHZAA.001 ACER RECERT 17.3" F5-771G-510R i5-7200U 2.5G 8GD4 1TB DVD GF940MX 4G BLIT BT W10 $943.65
RNB-ACR-NH.Q2MAA.002 ACER RECERT 17.3" PH317-51-78BH i7-7700HQ 12GD4 1TB+128GSSD GTX1050Ti  4G W10 $1,659.15
RNB-ACR-NT.LCLAA.001 ACER RECERT 7" B1-780-K9U MT8163 QC 1.30 GHz 1GB 16GB ANDROID WHITE $101.24
RNB-ACR-NH.Q29AA.002 ACER RECERT PRED PH317-51-787B 17.3" i7-7700HQ 16GD4 256SSD 1TB GTX1060 6GB W10 $1,871.24
RNB-ACR-NX.GM6AA.001 ACER RECERT TOUCH 13.3" S13 IPS S5-371T-56Q1 i5-7200U 2.5G 8GD4 256SSD USBC W10 $984.15
RNB-ACR-NX.GNPAA.008 ACER RECERT15.6" A315-51-386T i3-7100U 2.4GHz 12GD4 1TB HD620 USB HDMI  W10 $660.15




  OC = Optical Camera (webcam)
  A6 = AMD A6 CPU
  A8= AMD A8 CPU
  I3 = Intel i3 CPU
  I5 = Intel i5 CPU
  I7 = Intel i7 CPU
  GD3 = Gigabytes of DDR3 RAM Memory
  IPS = Latest Screen Technology w/ Great Screen Quality
  HDMI = High-Definition Multimedia Interface (plug into the big screen!)
  SSD = Solid State Drive




Call for other recertified items not listed !



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